What is Experiment 7?

Experiment 7 is a VR Strategy Game developer based in San Diego and New York City. We make games that combine AAA polish with deep strategy for players of all kinds. Our studio is comprised of team members from VR, mobile, console and PC, who have worked on everything from real-time strategy games to massively multiplayer online games to entire game engines. 

You can read more about us on our aptly-titled About Page.

What is Magic Table?

Magic Table is the game environment where you can gather with your friends and play a variety of strategy games, starting with Magic Table Chess in 2016. We want to recapture the experience of game night, without the physical restrictions of getting everyone together in one place.

How can I subscribe to updates about Experiment 7 and Magic Table Games?

We frequently post things that we find exciting, interesting or entertaining on our various social media accounts, which you can find right here:

Alternately, you can join our Mailing List, where we periodically send out updates when we have exciting news to share:

Can you help me with my VR hardware?

While we love our hardware partners, their support staff is better equipped to handle hardware issues. Here are a few handy links:

Oculus Support Centerhttps://support.oculus.com/help/oculus/ 

How can I keep my neck from getting tired during long play sessions?

You can use the "Adjust Camera Angle" function in the Magic Table Menu to select from a set of camera positions to play from. If you select one closer to the board, that may be more comfortable. 


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