Major Update to Catan VR!


Version 1.1.930/1.1.724 brings new improvements and updates aplenty to Catan VR. Check out the details:


- CLASSIC TILES: Now you can play with the beloved original Catan tiles.
- CUSTOM CATAN MASK: Don't be sheepish! Show your Catan pride and make sure you're herd!
- REVAMPED NETWORKING: Faster connections, improved stability, and a much smoother flow!
- GAMES CONTINUE EVEN IF PLAYERS LEAVE: Let the settling continue!
- MATCHMAKING SEARCHES INDICATOR: Now you can see how many people are looking for a match.
- PRE-GAME KIBITZING: Avatars/chat now start pre-game.


-- Fixed AI waiting too long during trade.
-- Mobile trophy shader fixed.
-- Sheep mask added.
-- Classic tileset added.
-- Fixed settlement not removed when placing a city.
-- Fixed Undo buy button.
-- Fix for Development cards sometimes being incorrectly locked.
-- Fixed blocking UI windows.
-- Fixed UI sorting issues.
-- Fixed extra empty friends list page.
-- Touch base UI interactions more responsive.
-- Networking system replaced.
-- VoIP system replaced.
-- Invite-a-Friend system replaced.
-- Invite-a-Friend cancel and reject now telegraphs to other player.
-- Invite-a-Friend avatars/chat now start pre-game.
-- Invite-a-Friend invites no longer timeout (Only disappear on cancel/reject/exit mode).
-- Matchmaking now supports 2-4 real players (host decides when to start game).
-- Matchmaking now supports 3 player games.
-- Matchmaking now has a pre-game lobby to chat before game starts.
-- Matchmaking now supports random AI to fill empty slots in a match.
-- Audio cues added when a player enters/exits Matchmaking or Invite-A-Friend lobbies.
-- Single player possible from matchmaking lobby on game start with no other players.
-- Open matchmaking games looking for players now broadcast to all players not in active online games about the match.
-- Player exiting multiplayer game no longer ends the game for all players.
-- Host migration added if player leaves multiplayer game.
-- Gear/PC Matchmaking/Invite-A-Friend now possible with same account if player owns both versions.
-- Friends show up twice (uniquely) if they have both PC/Gear versions of the game and are both online.
-- Friends now only show up as active if they are currently inside CatanVR.
-- Seat randomization added for Matchmaking and Invite-A-Friend games.
-- Sounds updated.